Electrification of
Vehicles & Fleets
made easy

Customized e-vehicle recommendations based on actual driving and parking behavior.

Energy - Electricity

Data driven

Electric car

Individual & independent E-Vehicle recommendations

Costs - Euro

Compare costs and CO2 emissions

Charge point - POI

Using charging infrastructure data for planning

Electrify vehicle
for drivers

Get a reality-based evaluation based on your actual driving and parking behavior.

Simulate actual behavioral constraints, charging costs and CO2 consumption for all common electric vehicles.  

Make a data-based decision tailored to your individual situation.

Analysis of parking behavior per vehicle.
Simulate your fleet with electric alternatives.

Electrify fleet
for companies

Evaluate for yourself which vehicles in your fleet are best suited for electrification.

Simulate the effects on consumption costs and CO2 savings for your entire fleet.

Get an optimal starting point for planning the charging infrastructure at your company locations.

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Smart functions

Data analysis

Who, when, how much?

Gives an overview of the driving-parking profile of your fleet

Costs - Euro

Full cost control

Identifies impact of electrification on your fleet's consumption costs.

Electric car

E-vehicle recommendations

Individual recommendations based on the usage behavior of the vehicles

CO2 emission

For government and environment

Reduce CO2 emissions, comply with restrictions and achieve environmental targets.

Energy - Electricity

E-fleet simulation

Create your individual fleet and see the difference.

Charge point - POI

Charging infrastructure planning

Optimal data basis for planning charging infrastructure - e.g. at the company site

Your benefits

Check - Real Range


We calculate the range based on your actual driving and parking behavior.

Visible & transparent


We consider all current E-vehicle

No operating


We provide you with a comprehensive solution and minimize the effort for you.

Privacy & Security


We handle your data sensitively and transparently.

How does Chargylize work?

In 3 steps to an electrified vehicle fleet

FleetICEPrivate Car
Electric fleetEVPrivate Electric car

We track your
driving behavior

Tracking is done via a provided OBD-2 connector that can be easily placed by you in the vehicle.


We analyze
the data

We analyze the driving and parking behavior of the vehicle and provide you with individual tools for simulation.


You start with electromobility

Select the right Electric Vehicle for you (or your fleet).  
Receive offers from our partners, e.g. for planning and setting up charging infrastructure at home or at the company site.

Demo? Contact us.

Get to know Chargylize during a demo.

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