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Feasibility Check

E-Mobility might be the future – but is it feasible for me?

Vehicle Selection

So many new OEMs and vehicle models – but which one is best for me?

Individual Checklist

I might try it – but what do I need to consider on top of the vehicle?

Solutions for drivers

Empowering individuals to embrace electric mobility with confidence.

Discover if electric mobility suits you based on your individual driving profile

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Choose your future electric vehicle based on analysis and simulation of your real data and driving behaviour.

Electrify Driver

  • Open-minded for electric mobility, but unsure if it is right for you?

  • Curious to simulate your actual driving behaviour with an EV?

  • Overwhelmed by the variety of electric vehicle options?

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Get an overview on available EV models and find the right one for you

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EV Finder makes it easy to search and filter electric vehicles based on your criteria and select the electric vehicle of your choice.

EV Finder

  • Curious to discover the variety of available electric vehicle models?

  • Unexperienced with different EV selection criteria?

  • Wondering which EVs match your mandatory requirements?

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Streamline your transition to electric mobility with our checklist tool

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See possible next steps for a smooth transition to electric mobility and plan your own next steps based on your own timeline and needs.

Electrification Planner

  • Overwhelmed with all tasks associated to e-car switch?

  • Lack of a structured plan with deadlines for tasks?

  • Struggling to keep track of the status of all tasks?

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E-Mobility Quick Check

Is electric mobility right for you?
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Solutions for companies

Elevating corporate sustainability and fleet electrification with tailored solutions.

Electrify Fleet

Master the electrification of your fleet with confidence, based on data-driven decisions

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Convert your fleet to electric vehicles with greater confidence by simulating and analysing vehicles and considering all alternatives in the real context of your fleet.

Electrify Fleet

  • Identify those vehicles for which a switch would not result in adaptations to the driving behavior.

  • Save money with selecting the right electric vehicle models

  • Report accurate predictions on consumption cost and CO effects to your managemen

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Boost the willingness of your employees to embrace electrification

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Help your employees switch from their old cars to electric vehicles with greater confidence and comfort by simulating their own driving behaviour.

Electrify Company

  • Help your employees to overcome their reservations about electric mobility

  • Support your employees selecting the best fit e-vehicle

  • Implement proactive change management and assistance in your employees e-journey

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CO2 Reporting

Record the status of your mobility-related CO2 emissions and set yourself reduction targets

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Mobility CO2 Reporting

  • Determine the actual level of your mobility-related CO2 emissions

  • Define actions for the gradual reduction of mobility-related CO2 emissions

  • Monitor your progress on the path toward achieving net zero

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