Electrify Company:
Empower your employees to master the transition to electric mobility

Lower your company’s mobility carbon footprint.


Increase Acceptance

Choose a data-based approach to show your employees the suitability of EVs transparently and individually

Reduce Range Anxiety

Reduce your employees' fears and uncertainties associated with switching to an electric vehicle

Support EV Selection

Support drivers in finding the right EV based on suitability and individual preferences

Save Costs

Avoid unnecessary CO2 offsets by increasing the uptake of electric vehicles

Electrify Company:
A piece of the puzzle of your sustainability activities

According to DAT Barometer 07/2023 only 19% of German company car drivers would choose an EV as their next vehicle. Therefore, it is so important to not leaving your company car drivers alone on this journey.

We empower your company car drivers (respectively all your employees) to embrace electric mobility confidently, ensuring a transition that aligns with each driver's unique requirements.

The better you support your employees, the higher the acceptance of electric mobility will be. And this implies a decrease of your company’s CO2 emissions in scope 1 (company car fleet) and scope 3 (commuting travel).

Your streamlined transition process

With 8 easy steps through your electric revolution

Electrify Company User Journey - the steps and processes that enable employees to analyse and simulate their trips.

FOR Sustainability Managers

Electrify Company

Support your employees to master the transition to EVs

Electrify Company

from 49 € per vehicle
  • Platform access for 12 months

  • 2 months of tracking included

  • Employee data protection guaranteed

  • Little effort for companies

Empowering Your Company's Transition to Electric Mobility

Benefits for the Company

  • Motivated Workforce
    More employees are motivated to make the switch to electric mobility, which contributes to a greener corporate image and a culture of sustainability.

  • Fleet CO2 Savings
    Electrify Company helps you achieve substantial CO2 savings in your corporate fleet, reducing your environmental impact and supporting your commitment to sustainability.

  • Commuting CO2 Savings
    By encouraging electric mobility among your employees, you actively contribute to reducing commuting-related CO2 emissions, making a positive impact on your community and the environment.

  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction
    As you excel in employee satisfaction through sustainable practices, your company becomes a more attractive employer, attracting top talent and retaining valuable team members.

  • Transparent Communication
    Electrify Company provides real measures that can be communicated transparently to stakeholders, demonstrating your genuine commitment to sustainability without any greenwashing.

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Empowering Your Employees for Electric Mobility

Benefits for the Employees

  • Individual Feasibility Insights
    Employees gain access to personalized insights into their suitability for electric mobility, helping them make informed decisions about transitioning to electric vehicles.

  • Vehicle Decision Support
    Our platform offers individual and neutral assistance in choosing the right electric vehicle model that aligns with employees' driving habits, preferences, and needs.

  • Personal Planning Tool
    Electrify Company provides a personalized planning tool that guides employees through their electric mobility journey, making the transition easy and hassle-free.

  • Data Security Guarantee
    Employees can trust that their data is secure, and they have control over what information they choose to share, ensuring their privacy is protected.

  • No Financial Expense
    Thanks to your company's sponsorship, employees can explore electric mobility without any financial burden, making the transition affordable and accessible for all.

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Are your employees sufficiently prepared for the switch to an EV?

Transitioning to electric mobility requires employee buy-in. Electrify Company is here to assist your organization in effectively managing this change process.

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