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Fleet Electrification 2.0

Should you aim to transition your pool vehicles to electric, Electrify Fleet solution is ideally suited for this purpose. For fostering increased acceptance of electric vehicles among your company car drivers, opting for our Electrify Company solution would be the most appropriate decision.


Electrify Fleet

As our solution is based on real driving behavior, you need to have tracking data to run the analysis and EV simulation. We offer different ways to do so.

Electrify Fleet
Data Upload

29 €
Already have tracking data?

This is the easiest way. Just upload your data and you are ready to go. We can handle all kind of data structures if mandatory data fields are available. Just contact us and provide a data sample to us.

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Electrify Fleet

59 €
Track with hardware

We rent out tracking hardware to you, which needs to be plugged into your vehicles’ OBD slots. Don’t worry, it does not need to be done by a technical person, the OBD slot is easy to find.

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Electrify Fleet

49 €
Use OEMs' connected services

Get the needed data directly from the vehicles. It only works for vehicles which are connected-ready and some legal work is necessary. Contact us and we find out which of your vehicles could use this option.

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FOR Sustainability Managers

Electrify Company

Support your employees to master the transition to EVs

Electrify Company

from 49 € per vehicle
  • Platform access for 12 months

  • 2 months of tracking included

  • Employee data protection guaranteed

  • Little effort for companies

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