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Discover how e-mobility would work for you and find the right e-vehicle model according to your preferences.

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Personalized Driving Analysis

Thorough analysis of your driving and parking profile for tailored insights

EV Suitability Assessment

Discover if electric mobility is suitable for you, by taking into account real vehicle range values and your individual charging options

Vehicle Model Recommendations

Receive custom recommendations for electric vehicle models that meet  your preferences and requirements

Predict Cost & CO2 Emissions

Get accurate estimations on consumption cost and your potential CO2 savings

Start your Electric Mobility Journey with Electrify Driver

Electrify Driver is your comprehensive tool for simulating your transition to electric vehicles (EVs) based on your unique driving habits. Whether you're considering the switch or need assistance with the right EV choice, we've got you covered.

How Electrify Driver simplifies your transition to electric mobility

Step-by-step to your electric vehicle decision

  • 1

    Create your account

    Make your individual settings and save them to your created account

  • 2

    Add your rides

    Choose the right tracking alternative for you or upload existing trip reports from your driver’s logbook

  • 3

    Get data-driven insights

    Explore our solution and make data-driven decisions based on real data insights

  • 4

    Choose your EV

    Identify the right electric vehicle for you based on suitability and personal preferences

  • 5

    Start your e-journey

    Plan your transition journey to electric mobility with our add-on solution Electrification Planner

Why Electrify Driver Is Your Key to Electric Mobility Success

Experience the Advantages of Electrify Driver


Say goodbye to decisions made on gut feelings and hello to data-driven decisions. Our solution is only committed to data.


There is no hidden agenda to privilege specific EV brands or models. Chargylize is independent from OEMs.


Assess EV adoption based on your individual driving behavior and charging situation at home, work and public.

Closeness to Reality

Run simulations on real consumption values instead of the ones published by OEMs. And even apply different temperature scenarios.

Risk Reduction

Drive with confidence as Electrify Driver offers clarity in your electric mobility journey. Avoid wrong investment decisions.


Enjoy a user-friendly experience. Electrify Driver’s intuitive interface makes exploring your electric vehicle options easy and accessible.

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