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Looking for the perfect electric vehicle? Discover tailored recommendations based on your driving habits with our EV Driver Solutions.

Electrify Driver
Data Upload

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Already have tracking data?

If you have an electric driver's logbook or any other source of tracking data available for your vehicle, Electrify Driver Data Upload is the right choice for you. Begin your journey today.

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Electrify Driver

29,90 €
Track with hardware

If you don't have any tracking data for your vehicle yet and are searching for a value-for-money solution, Electrify Driver GPS Dongle is your ideal choice. Get started tracking your electric journey.

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Electrify Driver

Use OEMs' connected services

If you do not have any tracking data for your vehicle yet and are searching for the most comfortable and best value for money solution to track your vehicle. Enter your VIN to check if this option is available for you.

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Not yet available