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Is electric mobility right for you?

Discover the suitability of electric mobility based on your driving habits.

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EV Suitability Score

Receive a rough indication how easy the adoption of electric mobility would work for you, considering your driving habits and housing situation.

Potential CO2 Savings

Discover how much CO2 emissions you could save with your switch to electric mobility.

E-Vehicle Recommendations

Get customized e-vehicle model recommendations based on EV suitability and your personal preferences.

How the E-mobility Quick Check works

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    Answer a few questions

    Provide some insights on your driving habits, housing situation and vehicle preferences.

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    Discover EV suitability score

    Get an instant indication on the expected ease of transition to e-mobility.

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    Explore e-vehicle recommendations

    Browse through potential e-vehicle options based on your EV suitability score and your vehicle preferences.

How easy would it be for you to switch to an EV?

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Looking for deeper insights?

If you're interested in a comprehensive analysis and simulation of electric vehicle adoption, explore our Electrify Driver solutions.

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Data Upload

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Already have tracking data?

If you have an electric driver's logbook or any other source of tracking data available for your vehicle, Electrify Driver Data Upload is the right choice for you. Begin your journey today.

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Electrify Driver

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Track with hardware

If you don't have any tracking data for your vehicle yet and are searching for a value-for-money solution, Electrify Driver GPS Dongle is your ideal choice. Get started tracking your electric journey.

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Electrify Driver

Use OEMs' connected services

If you do not have any tracking data for your vehicle yet and are searching for the most comfortable and best value for money solution to track your vehicle. Enter your VIN to check if this option is available for you.

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