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Are you ready to embark on a journey toward a more sustainable and electrified future? At Electrify, we offer two powerful free tools to assist you in your transition to electric mobility:

The E-mobility Quick Check is the perfect tool if you want to see if e-mobility is right for you.

When late, you are further in the process the Electrification Planner helps you plan out your E-journey perfectly.

How the E-mobility Quick Check works

  • 1

    Answer a few questions

    Provide some insights on your driving habits, housing situation and vehicle preferences.

  • 2

    Discover EV suitability score

    Get an instant indication on the expected ease of transition to e-mobility.

  • 3

    Explore e-vehicle recommendations

    Browse through potential e-vehicle options based on your EV suitability score and your vehicle preferences.

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Simplify your electrification journey

Our Electrification Planner is your ultimate checklist tool to streamline your personal journey towards electric mobility. Make the transition with confidence, armed with comprehensive checklists and tools to master every step of the way.

Ready to revolutionize your fleet management with Electrify Fleet?

Ready to transform your fleet management and make the switch to electric vehicles? Start your journey with Electrify Fleet today and empower your fleet for a greener, more sustainable future.

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Whether you are looking to embrace electric mobility personally or integrate it into your company's fleet, making the switch to e-vehicles has never been easier.

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